Floor Chairs for Adults

Find floor chairs that are suitable for adults.

Floor chairs might seem nice for children, but there are also plenty of floor chairs available for adults. Especially in Japan it is very common for children and adults to sit on floor chairs (or zaisu, as they are called in Japan).

There can be many reasons why one might decide to purchase a floor chair suitable for adults. It can be a nice way for parents to sit with their kids on the floor, without giving up on comfort. My sister has a short legged chair for her kid. When he sits in it I do not like to sit on the cold floor directly, so I always bring my foldable floor chair allowing me to sit on the floor comfortably. I also have some extra floor chairs in case the family shows up and I run out of seating. While mixing normal chairs with floor chairs is not ideal, it definitely beat sitting on the floor directly

A floor chair can also be a great substitute for low chairs, short legged chairs or floor cushions. An advantage over floor cushions is of course the backrest that provides your body with extra support. The older you get the more you need some back support if you want to stay comfortable while sitting. An advantage over a low chair (in my opinion) is that floor chairs are easier to move in and out of, and that it is easier to move around once on the seat itself. Floor chairs also take up less space when stored away, which makes them my favorite choice!